Sunday, August 13, 2006

Yenerich Farm

After the presentation, Councilman Thomas Sandor suggested the development seemed to go a long way toward creating a second, separate city to the west — long a concern for critics of western growth. East-siders in particular have worried they will be left behind as the city's center of gravity shifts away from them.

"I think I've just seen the genesis of the city of West Elgin," he said, echoing comments made by Figueroa. (Elgin Courier 8/10/06)

I think the Yenerich Farm project is a good idea. Elgin is too large of a city to have just one center. This is how they should have handled the development of the other subdivisions. Master plan it and force the developers to work together. Lay out something that's rational, rather than a haphazard conglomeration of endless subdivisions.


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