Friday, August 25, 2006

Elgin search terms from the AOL leak lets you peer into the search logs of 658,000 AOL subscribers, data that the giant ISP "inadvertently" leaked earlier this month. It highlights what little existing controls there are for what ought to be private information, guarded with a high level of security.

Fortunately, it's possible to use the data without infringing on anyone's privacy. You can type in a keyword on the site to see how many people used that term. You can do that without actually seeing what else they may have been looking at.

I typed in "elgin," because I was curious to see what Elgin-related search terms are being used. By number of queries, here are some of the top ones:

51 elgin community college
34 elgin watches
29 elgin pocket watches railroad
20 elgin courier
15 elgin crosswind options
14 elgin railroad pocket watches
13 elgin high school
12 elgin illinois
10 elgin il
10 elgin
8 elgin courier news
8 elgin crosswind
8 elgin condo for sale
8 elgin photos
8 elgin street sweeper repair help
8 elgin sweeper
7 elgin pocket watch
7 elgin mental health center
7 elgin sports complex
7 elgin crosswind sweeper
6 elgin casino
6 elgin symphony orchestra
6 elgin world time manual
6 elgin west
6 elginwatches
5 elgin wrist watch
5 elgin sweepers
5 elgin sweeper crosswind
5 elgin watch bands
5 elgin pocket watches
4 elgin crosswind retail prices
4 elgin clocks-7 jewels 8 day
4 elgin pocket watches railroad
4 elgin pocket watch co
4 elgin il police department
4 elgin watch co
3 elgin watch instructions
3 elgin watch manual
3 elgin high school elgin illinois
3 elgin national watch company
3 elgin illinois jobs
3 elgin river boat

So ECC is number one. I wouldn't have guessed it. The other interesting thing is that the Courier is high up on this list, while the Herald makes no appearance...


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I think you have a really great blog.

You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Elgin community.

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