Thursday, July 13, 2006

BSF purchased by Cook County Forest Preserves

Cook County Forest Preserves is the new owner of Bluff Spring Fen. Congratulations?

The district Tuesday approved obtaining the 163-acre parcel for a mere $350,000 — and even that money will come from a private grant.

The jewel of the fen is the Bluff Spring Nature Preserve, an 87-acre portion where much restoration work has already been done. (Elgin Daily Herald 7/13/06)

This probably means easier access to the fen, perhaps via Gifford Road. I don't think the Friends like the idea of easier access, but if it means the rest of the area gets cleaned up, it won't be so bad. You can still spot a car submerged in one of the quarry ponds. Hopefully that's the first thing they drag out of there.

I think BSF is now the westernmost property owned by Cook County Forest Preserves.


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