Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sherman moves to Randall

Nearly 14 months after Sherman Hospital announced it wanted to make a $310 million move to Elgin's growing west side, state regulators Wednesday approved the plan in about 10 minutes.

Members of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board voted unanimously to allow Sherman to relocate from 934 Center St. to the intersection of Big Timber and Randall roads. (source: Elgin Courier News 6/08/06)
The Courier says 3,000 jobs will be created, presumably both construction-related and medical staff--and presumably including existing staff. The Tribune says the old east-side site will be converted into, "24-hour urgent care center, with doctors' offices, outpatient facilities and labs." (source: Chicago Tribune 6/8/06)

I'm sure these east-side plans are made in good faith, but of course once the new west-side campus is built, it becomes much easier to close all facilities on the east side. If the east campus becomes a big money-loser, I doubt they will subsidize it for more than a few years before quietly closing their doors and saying, "We did our best!" I could be wrong.

In any case, a major hospital expansion--no matter where it's located--will create more jobs and serve more people and must be welcomed.


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