Sunday, April 09, 2006

Unnecessary incentives

That fact that businesses know whether they can survive before they even begin negotiating with municipalities reinforces Councilman Tom Sandor’s decision not to support a Super Wal-Mart project. The city agreed to give a $2 million sales tax rebate to the retail giant to help offset $4.5 million in road improvements at Randall and Bowes roads. (source: Daily Herald)
Yes, the Elgin city council gave a $2M incentive to Wal-Mart to open a store on RANDALL ROAD, yes that blighted retail corridor connecting the Fox Valley. How else could they get Wal-Mart to build on land Wal-Mart already owned on this rundown strip where nobody else would want to open a store?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idiots! I am so sick of it. When is the NEXT ELECTION???

1:22 PM  

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