Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Strange Courier article on Ruth Munson

The Courier published a very unusual article under an equally unusual headline ("Munson: Verdict won't hurt her") in the wake of the George Ryan conviction.
Rep. Ruth Munson, who must overcome a challenger this fall to keep her seat in the General Assembly, said Monday she did not think former Gov. George Ryan's conviction would stain her candidacy.

Munson, a Republican like Ryan, was appointed to office in December 2002 and said she never met the former governor.

"I think I saw him from afar once," she said. (source: Elgin Courier 4/18/06)
There's absolutely no connection between Ruth Munson and George Ryan. Who knows why the Courier decided to single out Ruth Munson out of all the Republican candidates in Elgin elections and write this bizarre article, the point of which is...oops there is no point.

I think the article's publication was an honest mistake, but in other areas of the country in other publications and other elections, this article would have been seen as a low-calorie version of the "Politician denies beating wife" story. Not the kind of story that inspires confidence in the media.


Blogger frankwolftown said...

It's not that unusual every Republican in the state has reposition themselves now. They all have to make it look like they never really were big supporters of Gov. Ryan. They don't want thier reelection chances hurt.

8:36 PM  

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