Saturday, April 08, 2006

New Elginite design

You may have noticed that the New York Times rolled out a new website this week. I was excited, because they've abandoned the idea of designing for a small screen resolution. Their site now takes up the whole browser width. If the New York Times can do it, so can we! So yes, if you kick some coin into the alms bowl over there on the right, labeled "Make a Donation" the Elginite will follow the New York Times in abandoning the 800x600 crowd (1 out of 8 people), and designing for the 1024x768 and higher crowd (3 out of 4 people). If you don't know what all those numbers mean, it just means that you'll see more stuff on the screen and less blank space.

And since 90% of the crowd has JavaScript turned on, the new Elginite site would also include some cool AJAX features. There's some neat stuff I've been wanting to do with the Google Maps API. If we get a new website, you'll see some cool mapping applications. Most importantly, there should be a lot more interactivity, perhaps message boards or even chat-based features.

Bottom line is that the site will be easier to use, more informative and better fulfill its mission of building community in Elgin.

But none of that is going to happen if you don't click on the silver button, "Make a Donation."


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