Monday, April 24, 2006

Let's get the Vermeer Quartet in Elgin

Just got back from Dekalb, where I savored a brilliant performance of Beethoven's Opus 18 No. 2 by the Vermeer Quartet. It was better than a thousand pounds of Scharffenberger semi-sweet. It was bliss. The Vermeer can take a quartet that is not one of Beethoven's best and make it sound like there's nothing better. How do they do that?

I smiled the whole 35 minutes home. I can't believe I'm that close to the Vermeer Quartet! I've loved the Vermeer since college. I had no idea they were in residence at NIU. And I can't believe Elgin hasn't managed to get them to do a series here. To hear the Opus 132 in the acoustically-perfect rotunda of the First Universalist Church...what a dream that would be!


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