Monday, April 17, 2006

Good news for Elgin nightlife

Councilman Juan Figueroa checked out the Mission in downtown Elgin, and was satisfied that no laws were being broken.

That’s why he asked the city council Wednesday to remove the sunset clause on the club’s Young Adult Night permit. Ultimately, the recommendation to renew the permit without a sunset clause passed with only Bob Gilliam voting against it.

The change means club owners will appear before the liquor commission to have the permit extended instead of seeking a blessing from the entire city council. (source: Daily Herald)

This is great news for all who want to see downtown Elgin as a vital urban center. The city council has done a lot to make the nightlife business a losing proposition for entrepreneurs, but hopefully this is a signal that their attitude is now changing.

I hope Mr. Figueroa will take the lead on the city council as a downtown Elgin advocate. Specifically, I hope he pushes the council to live up to the stated goal of the Center City Master Plan to make downtown Elgin a "24-hour city."


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