Sunday, April 30, 2006

Elgin bands plan album releases

At least three Elgin bands are preparing to release albums in the coming months:

dormLife opened at the Smoking Popes concert that I attended at Clearwater. Their music has an all-American, corn-fed, Midwestern, apple-pie-kind-of sound (what does that mean???). What I mean is that it would make a great soundtrack for the Abercrombie & Fitch subculture, because ANF is what I think of when I listen to dormLife. It's very good music, especially if you like acoustic rock. I think they're better than their friends, The Academy Is. dormLife's sophomore album is expected in June or July.

Scheflo is blessed with a vocalist who at times looks like Scarlet Johanson. Check out the video for Don't You Want This if you don't believe me. Scheflo recorded their debut EP at Gravity Studios with producer Mike Hari(Fall Out Boy), and expect to release it "soon."

Showoff has been around. They were signed to Madonna's Maverick Records years ago, broke up, went into the wilderness, and are now back and based in Elgin. This pop punk outfit's big hit from back in the day was Falling Star. Their new EP, Waiting For You, will be released May 16th and presale will begin May 4th.


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