Friday, April 28, 2006

Colossal, for those who need the introduction

If you didn't already know, Elgin's premier band is Colossal. They've received unanimous praise from critics, have been described as one of Chicago's most promising bands, and have toured with Alkaline Trio--an Elgin band that made it into the big leagues.

Colossal's music has a chiming, brilliantine beauty. As far as rock music goes, I think it's extraordinary. I'm not being partisan--afterall, there are a dozen other Elgin bands to plug. I say this because their music amazes me.

Colossal has accomplished the rare feat of creating a unique sound, one that has been described as lounge punk. It's a sophisticated sound characterized by an intricate texture of arpeggiated chords, challenging vocals, unusual intervals and metric innovation--this must be Elliot Carter's favorite punk band. Pat Ford is a fine singer with a good voice and outstanding intonation. His baritone is a refreshing change from the typical tenor voice.

Colossal, like other Elgin bands treat the drums as an instrument--all too many bands out there think the drum is a metronome, and it sounds great. Could this style of drumming be a part of Elgin's "audio fingerprint" or "sound identity"--the music that characterizes a place--that Richard Florida describes? But perhaps it's all because Octopodic Rob is the greatest drummer in the Land of Lincoln and drums or has drummed for all of the great Elgin bands...

Colossal has an impressive pedigree descending directly from not just Elgin's legendary Slapstick--through Rob Kellenberger, but the Smoking Popes as well--through Eli Caterer. Slapstick and the Smoking Popes were arguably the greatest bands to emerge from the Elgin-area music scene, and Colossal descends from both. Without doubt, Colossal now holds the sceptre and wears the crown. These are the kings of E town.


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