Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Campton to sue over Stony Creek

Campton Township trustees voted 4-0 Tuesday to sue Elgin over annexation and zoning of the 932-home plan...

Township officials would not say on what grounds they plan to sue their northern neighbor, but warned they’re not bluffing and will do so in coming weeks.

“The township understands the weightiness of this issue,” township attorney John Noble said. “We’re ready to take it through completely.” (source: Daily Herald 4/26/06)

Good idea. I've thought all along that if they lock it up in litigation, there's a good chance Stony Creek will never get built, assuming the real estate cycle does what cycles do...

If the Campton folks want support in Elgin, they will need to present a palatable alternative to large-lot homes. The Corron-Meissner Savannah is just waiting to be proposed.


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