Sunday, April 02, 2006

April is fundraising month

Alas, it has come to this!

As I mentioned before, there's a limit to what you can do on the web with free accounts. And I feel that the Elginite is running up against the limits. My April fundraising goals are to raise enough for:
  1. A one-year Flickr Pro account -- $24.95
  2. A year of web hosting for the Elginite under its own domain name ( -- $144
That comes out to a figure just shy of $170. The first $25 raised will go towards the Flickr Pro account, and the rest will go for the web hosting.

The reasons for getting a Flickr Pro account are two: First, the monthly upload limit is much higher, so I can upload more pictures to share with you. Second, I can create unlimited photosets for your viewing pleasure. The reason you now see only a "Downtown Elgin" and "Bluff Spring Fen" photoset on the Elginite Flickr page are because I'm limited to two photosets.

The reasons for hosting the Elginite under its own domain name include:
  • It's easier to type.
  • It's easier to remember.
  • It's easier to promote.
  • It will allow me to add other features, like message boards.
Sound good?

Thanks for your support.


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