Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Planner's Blight -- good for punk rock?

Several years ago, the Chicago Park District expressed an interest in using eminent domain to take over the building to expand nearby Haas Park.

In fact, the park expansion plan kept owner Jim Lapinski from going back to bowling earlier. He wasn't going to invest money in fixing the place up if it was going to be torn down. But once it was clear the expansion wasn't happening, he moved forward with the rehab, he said. (source: Metromix)
I've written some posts about Planner's Blight. I thought it was amusing that in this case, Planner's Blight kept the Fireside Bowl going for years as a punk rock venue.
"I would've done this a long time ago if I'd known where I'd stood," he says. "But I had no idea for the last five years." (source: Chicago Reader)
Planner's Blight...good for punk rock?


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