Thursday, March 23, 2006

New - live events!

I've finally gotten around to adding a feed of Elgin events from Steve Munson beat me to it. His DNA blog has had an events feed up since last year, I think. Speaking of Steve and the DNA blog, he recently celebrated a year of blogging. Congratulations to Steve. By staying on top of the web's latest trends (like Web 2.0) and integrating the newest and coolest features into the DNA site/blog, he's done a lot to enhance the perception of Elgin as a place that, technologically speaking, "get's it."

Steve leads the charge, but he can't do it alone. Many of you who read this blog are affiliated with or have leadership positions in different Elgin organizations. Consider using tools like to post events, Flickr to post pictures, and RSS to syndicate your newsletters and other content. You can also keep a blog, like Janus Theatre is now doing.

Back to events...If you use, it just makes it a lot easier for everybody to know what's going on in the community. Once you join the Elgin metro and the Elgin group and add your event, it will automatically show up on this web page, the DNA blog and all other sites that decide to put up an badge or otherwise syndicate the Elgin group data. If you want people to show up at your play, performance, meeting, wine tasting, party, concert or powwow, you should use!

Even if you don't have any events to add, sign up and add yourself to the Elgin metro, so we can move up on the Illinois page. It's ranked by how many users are in a metro, and it's embarassing that Rockford could be so far ahead of us. Champaign, I can understand, but how can Rockford have so many more early adopters than Elgin? C'mon, sign up. Just five more users will put us over Naperville. And whatever you do, don't join the Fox Valley metro. It's a death trap.


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