Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Tribune hasn't kind words for Rauschenberger:
But it's Rauschenberger who can leave heads scratching. A major player in bringing the disastrous Alan Keyes to Illinois in the 2004 U.S. Senate race, Rauschenberger tries to blame others, such as Topinka, for not supporting Keyes and, in the same breath, tries to distance himself from his role in helping to get Keyes on the GOP ticket...In looking at his recently filed campaign finance reports, however, several questions arise. For example, how could someone plow through $800,000 in six months only to have to fold a campaign for governor and accept an offer for state second banana instead? Perhaps part of the reason is the more than $44,000 that Rauschenberger paid his brother for six months' advice as a consultant. In addition, the campaign covered another $921 for John Rauschenberger's meals at high-priced restaurants, nearly $800 for his cell phone bills and almost $1,000 for his gasoline during those six months.


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