Sunday, January 08, 2006

I had thought last week about nominating some organizations for the Elgin Image Award, but when I went to search for past winners--those who've won in the past five years are disqualified, there was no information to be found on the city web site or anywhere. So I didn't nominate anybody. How apropos though that this situation arose after I'd written my previous post about the link between information accessibility and passionate citizenry.

One of the organizations I'd considered nominating--if only playfully--was DSR (aka Drunken Style Records). DSR, whose membership, incidentally, is as diverse as Elgin, is responsible for what may be the only modern ballads composed as celebrations of the city of Elgin. Listen to them on this MySpace page. The relevant tracks are called City to Watch and My City.


Blogger Cedar said...

I picked up a form when I was in Elgin over the Christmas break because I was going to nominate you. Unfortunately I got too busy and misplaced the form.

7:18 PM  

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