Wednesday, November 16, 2005

There was some handwringing in the city council last week over the practically nil increase in sales tax revenue over the past several years. I think it was Thomas Sandor who asked whether all this housing will just end up benefitting other municipalities. I think it's a legitimate question to ask of developments planned in the border areas. Stony Creek, or example, is so far south that surely it will orient towards South Elgin, St. Charles and Geneva. New homeowners along both the north and south side of McDonald road already get welcome kits directing them to Geneva Commons and businesses in St. Charles. No such welcome literature/advertising comes from Elgin. I would guess that developments in the north direct new homeowners towards Alonguin Commons. So Elgin is sort of stuck in the middle of these two major lifestyle centers and the market is not large enough to support the construction of an Elgin Commons.

So what can you build in Elgin? Super Target is already in South Elgin and serves much of Elgin. Maybe the market can support another one in the north end of Elgin, especially if the Otter Creek target closes--its space there can be taken by Wal Mart. What would really be nice to see is a Sears Grand, especially since the company is basically headquartered in Elgin (it's closer to the center of Elgin than to Hoffman Estates). I think Sears Grand would draw a lot of interest. People have gone up to Gurnee just to see it. Cabela's would be nice but it looks like Hoffman's beat us to the bargaining table. Anyway just some random thoughts on retail...


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