Tuesday, August 09, 2005

There's an article in today's Daily Herald about the site north of the GBL:

The city identified the site as a potential residential development in its 2000 master plan.

Moller already has fielded at least a dozen calls from developers eager to get their hands on the property.

“I can’t imagine a more beautiful redevelopment site along the Fox River in Illinois,” Moller said. “And residential developers know it.”

Okay fine, but what about the proposed concert hall? Shouldn't we keep our options open as to site selection for that building? Shouldn't we consider a site as far north in the downtown as possible so that traffic traveling between the casino and the concert hall takes people through the whole downtown? Shouldn't we reserve a prime riverside site for an institutional building like the concert hall that can take full advantage of the opportunities for spectacle that the site provides? In other words, think Bilbao.

Read the article.


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