Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Some numbers were posted for the Grand Victoria:
June's most popular casino was in Elgin, which saw admissions at 221,384 and gross receipts of $32.8 million. The state's share of that revenue was $15.6 million and the local share was $1.8 million.

Calendar year-to-date statistics through June indicate that Elgin typically saw the highest revenues at $204.4 million, followed by Joliet-Harrah's with $153 million, Aurora with $116.7 million, and Joliet-Empress with $114.5 million.

June admission numbers have also increased, with the exception Elgin, which saw casino attendance decline by 3.04%. Admissions at Harrah's in Joliet increased by 21.04% over the past year.
The Grand Victoria is consistently ranked by traffic as one of the top tourist destinations in Illinois. It's too bad we haven't found a way to convert that traffic into support for downtown businesses.

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