Thursday, August 25, 2005

The links that got away:
  • You can get this in Elgin all over the place, smothered in mayo and queso Cotija. The New York Times has a way of making it look more appetizing than it sounds!
  • NHS wants to subsidize out-of-towners. Why?
  • It's not good when the Fox River looks like a lawn. They can start by taking down the mill dams and banning motorboats.
  • Interesting article about the 16-sided barn on Randall.
  • South Elgin High opens. Great. Now let's start talking about building a new high school on the far west side and transferring the flag of Elgin High School. The current building is in a decrepit state and doesn't deserve to bear the illustrious name.
  • They think the bus station is an eyesore? I can point out far worse offenders. Public enemy number one: Unilever factory. Besides being an eyesore, it's the worst noise polluter in downtown--sounds like a snoring dinosaur.
  • Bertoia chairs for sale.
  • NENA has a website.


Blogger Cedar said...

I'm finding your blog interesting. I grew up in Elgin and I suppose I think of it as less advanced than it is. I remember when my high school was planning a reunion about five years ago and I suggested to the head of the committee (a respected funeral director in Elgin) that we have a website or some sort of online communication board. He said something along the lines that the rest of the alumni was not ready for that. Elgin has come a long way in five years.

2:14 PM  

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