Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Courier quotes the new director of Fermilab:
"That is the main problem with Fermilab," Oddone said. "After the machine turns on, then the Tevatron is no longer a viable machine."
If that's the case--and everybody in the physics world agrees--let's convert the Fermilab campus to a new University of Illinois at Batavia. We really need a major research university in the Fox Valley. There are powerful externalities associated with research universities in metropolitan areas. With a major research university and a North-South highway, the Fox Valley can become Chicagoland's high-tech corridor.

And as they say in cosa nostra, let's do it while we got the muscle:
The bill includes funding for more than $300 million worth of Fox Valley construction projects favored by U.S House Speaker Dennis Hastert. (read this article)

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