Friday, July 15, 2005

This is from an article ( read the article) that appeared last month in the Tribune. It shows how one architecturally-significant building can change a city.
...Milwaukee Art Museum was just an art museum. Now it's become the Sydney Opera House of the Midwest—a building greater than its function—and symbol of the New Milwaukee.

"I don't think what was anticipated was the extent the museum would be loved—by not just the city but by the whole of Wisconsin," said David Gordon... "It's raised people's expectations of what can be done in the city.

"When Mark Attanasio, the new owner [since January, officially] of the Brewers, came on his first visit to Milwaukee, he was brought to the building—and he said, publicly, 'The city that's capable of doing this is a city that's going places.' It had a profound influence on his decision to buy the Brewers.

Makes you think... What could a new concert hall do for Elgin?

Read the article.


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