Friday, July 15, 2005

There were a couple of interesting articles in the Courier today. One is about the Gifford Park Association (read the article) and the other is about entryway improvements (read the article).

From the entryway story:
Also at Wednesday night's meeting, council members moved ahead with the purchase of 279 North Spring St. for $172,000...Originally built as a single-family home, the property contains four apartments and stands just north of Kimball Street and across from 272 N. Spring St., which the city also owns, having purchased it for $135,000 approximately six months ago.
From the GPA story:
Though the association purchases these distressed homes at low-ball prices and resells them at market value, the project is not a money-maker for the GPA..."We don't expect to come out ahead," Segel said. "That's not the goal. (It's) more of a way to give back to the neighborhood a dwelling that is a source of pride."
I thought it was interesting that these articles appeared at the same time. I don't know how much the city and the GPA works together, but it looks like there's considerable room for synergy. They could even involve other nonprofits and enlist at-risk youths to help paint and rehabilitate the homes. The work would be simple, but the youths would 1) earn money 2) learn good work habits, like showing up on time 3) develop a preservation ethic, which they can carry into their communities. It makes sense to me, but tell me if I'm wrong.


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