Friday, July 22, 2005

There is talk of a veterans memorial, which is a great idea. We really do need a monument to honor our hometown heroes.
A representative from Hitchcock Design Group explained to the newly formed Veterans Memorial Park committee that the 40-foot by 80-foot site along the riverfront will be a high-traffic area with good public access.
They don't like the site behind GBL and want a site north of GBL (Gail Borden) but that would be too far from the downtown. A memorial is sufficient. We don't need a new park to contain it. Can't a site be found in the downtown. One great site that comes to mind would be the park in front of the original Gail Borden Library. It's a central location and there's plenty of space for Memorial Day services, etc.

I hope that Hitchcock Design Group is participating only in the site selection for this memorial. Here's a great opportunity to hold a design competition for an architecturally outstanding memorial. Let's not waste it. We should build a memorial in the tradition of Maya Lin's Vietnam War Memorial. In other words, it should be modern and striking.

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