Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Should Rauschie's DUI record take him out of the running? You decide:

Rauschenberger pleaded guilty to DUI in 1994, after being arrested by police in suburban Hanover Park on his way home from a campaign fundraiser. He registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.12, slightly above the legal limit at the time, which was 0.10.

Rauschie is hitting back at Kjellander for earning fees from Bear Stearns. But Kjellander is a lobbyist. What's wrong with him earning a fee for his work?

Kjellander has not been accused of a crime, but some Republicans have been sharply critical of the deal, saying that GOP leaders shouldn't be feeding at the trough of a Democratic administration.

That sounds awful; as though it were acceptable to "feed at the trough" of a Republican administration. It reeks of corruption. Read the Courier article.


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