Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On the subject of mergers, I think the Dundees should merge together, and I think South Elgin should merge with Elgin.

Some of the benefits to S. Elgin:
  • more diversified tax base
  • access to Elgin water and sewer lines
  • purchasing economies of scale
  • other economies from consolidating government
  • municipal creditworthiness
  • sharing of casino revenues
  • access to Elgin's golf courses, rec center, etc.
You can think of others, I'm sure. Many of these benefits would be shared by Elgin. With a merger, Elgin's borders would extend to St. Charles. The new Elgin would be bigger and better, with a higher profile and enhanced ability to attract Fortune 500 firms. We don't have to worry about competing with South Elgin for businesses or great developments. We could have a unified strategy for growth.

This idea of a merger may sound far-fetched, but there is precedent in Illinois, as well as in other states. According to this article:
Prior to 1946, 35 consolidations occurred in Illinois. Since 1946 there have been at least 12 attempts at consolidation, 6 of which have been successful.


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