Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hawthorne Hills is open. Here's the map. Don't miss the last two paragraphs of the article (read the article).

New blogspot: Elgin trivia on a range of topics from the United Way's September Day of Caring to room layouts in the new Fountain Square development in downtown Elgin is featured on a new blogspot called the "The Elginite." The blogspot, located at is an online forum. Visitors can use the site to comment on and reply to other writers.

"The Elginite" is one of several new blogspots with Elgin news, including the Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin's blog at

They make a great point about comments. You don't need to register or have an account to comment, so please do so. Let's get a lively community forum going here. Thank you for the write-up, Daily Herald!


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